HDPE = High Density PolyEthylen (hard)

LDPE = Low Density PolyEthylen (soft)

PP = PolyPropylen

PS = PolyStyrol

SAN = PolyStyreneAcrylNitril

FS = The capsule is molded with tamper evident ring

Box measure 70 L = 375mm x 375mm x 495mm

Box measure 45 L = 375mm x 375mm x 325mm

  • All capsules are in plastic bag in the box
ColorcodeColorMasterbatchGuiding. Pantone No.
100Nature (Standard)
200White (Standard)9250-0012-09250-0012-0
300Yellow (Standard)919-0024-4919-0024-4
400Orange light (Standard)919-4064919-4064
500Red (Standard)919-7024-6919-7024-6
600Violet (Standard)
700Blue (Standard)919-7068-0919-7068-0
800Green (Standard)907-8028-0907-8028-0
900Black (Standard)9250-0092-09250-0092-0
  • Other colors can be delivered as desired.
  • Drilling or punching of holes in capsules can be done.
  • We also produce capsules according to customer specifications.
  • We also produce technical items according to customer specifications.